Jofra HPC600Pressure calibrator

HPC600 calibration instrument equipped with a built-in electric pump, just touch the button, the instrument can achieve the maximum pressure of 20 bar!

HPC600 set pressure indicator, pressure calibrator, mA loop calibrator (including 24V power), voltage meter, thermometer and pressure / vacuum generator in one, fully integrated function not only improves the work efficiency, but also saves cost and space. The shell of the instrument is strong and durable, the operating system is intuitive and easy to use, all operations can be done in your palm.

Temperature compensation range -10 to 50 DEG C / 14 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit

Pressure reading accuracy 0.020%, full range accuracy + + 0.015%

- pressure and absolute pressure

• pressure range from vacuum to 300 psi / 20 bar

Built in automatic pressure pump

• connect with APM pressure module to extend the working range

• combined with Pt100 into a high precision thermometer

Each instrument has a complete set of intelligent functions, such as:

User configurable information display, 15 different pressure units available for selection

Transmitter power

MA input and output

Percentage error calculation

Voltage measurement

Serial communication

Compatible with external pressure module


B rechargeable battery pack and charger

I Interface Suite - LEMO to RS232

T PT100 temperature sensor


127887 HPC600 cleaning filter

127404 handrail with clip

SPK-HHC-003 padded mattress with straps for soft stool

124004 shoulder strap with hook

104203 test leads with black and red clip

127403 RS232 to 5 pole LEMO connector

127387 RTD probe, Pt100

1228232 m long cable - Banana male connector to LEMO joint

1247161.5 V rechargeable battery (4 AA batteries)

124718 rechargeable battery charger (115/230 VAC)

60I104 Teflon tape roll

127520 quick connector for pressure hose 127519

127531 HPC600 pump repair kit

127532 valve cotton swab Kit

123958 RS232 cable with stereo plug connection (2 m) - only for adjustment

127518 1/8 "NPT female connector on 1/4" NPT female connector (included)

127517 1/8 "NPT female connector on 1/4" BSP female connector (included)

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