Tonghui TH6741 switching DC power supply

Tonghui TH6741 switching DC power supply.TH6741 can simulate battery output with its programmable internal resistor. For instance, a battery supplies power to a device, the applied voltage drops as it passes through the battery's internal resistance. With TH6700 series power supply, the internal resistance can be simulated by setting values, thus causing the output voltage to drop. can be connected to 2 or 4-terminal measurement from the rear panel. The 4-terminal measurement has the remote compensation function, which compensates the pressure drop from the power supply to the parts to be tested.TH6741 is equipped with abundant interfaces, such as USB HOST, USB DEVICE, LAN, RS232, and analog control interface. The CV/CC mode controlled by external voltage and external resistance is implemented through analog control interface.  In series or in parallel operation is realized through analog control interface. It also supports external voltage or external resistance to control the instrument output.


■ Rated Output: 800V/1.32A/360W
■ Wide range, and constant power output
■ High efficiency and high power density
■ Programmable internal resistance, designed for battery output simulation
■ Constant current (CC) priority mode, prevent overshoot for LED power supply
■ Master-slave series and parallel operation
■ 24-bit 4.3-inch color LCD display
■ Numeric keyboard operation
■ Voltage and current adjustment with knob
■ Timed output (0-3600.0s)
■ programmable voltage or current rising time
■ RS232, USB HOST, USB DEVICE, LAN, and analog control interface

Brief Introduction

TH6741 is a single channel output, wide range programmable switch mode DC power supply, with three output powers of 360W, 720W, and 1080W. Users are able to realize 2 master-slave in series or 3 master-slave in parallel connection, to achieve the requirements of higher voltage and higher current output.
TH6741 is designed with adjustable slope function that allows users to set the rise time and fall time of current and voltage output. When testing lighting devices and large capacitors, inrush current will be generated as soon as the output is turned on, which severely shortens the lifetime of the tested parts. In this case, the slope function ensures the voltage transmission is smooth and slow at the switching moment which prevents the tested parts from being damaged.
TH6741 CV/CC priority mode protects the tested parts well. The traditional power supply in CV mode will instantly bring a large surge current to the capacitive load while turning on the output. TH6700 series power supply can run in CC mode at the start of output, which avoids sudden peak current and protects the device from being damaged by surge current.


Model Voltage Current Power
TH6711  0-30V  0-33A  360W 
TH6712  0-30V  0-66A  720W 
TH6713  0-30V  0-100A  1080W 
TH6721  0-80V  0-12.5A  360W 
TH6722  0-80V  0-25A  720W 
TH6723  0-80V  0-37.5A  1080W 
TH6731  0-250V  4.2A  360W 
TH6732  0-250V  8.4A  720W 
TH6733  0-250V  12.6A  1080W 
TH6741  0-800V  1.32A  360W 
TH6742  0-800V  2.64A  720W 
TH6743  0-800V  3.96A  1080W 
Parameter TH6741 TH6742 TH6743
Rated Output Rated Power 360W 720W 1080W
Max Power Rated output *105%
Rated Voltage 0-800V
Max Voltage 840V
Rated Current 1.32A 2.64A 3.96A
Max Current 1.44A 2.88A 4.32A
Setting Voltage Range 0-840V
Current Range 0-1.44A 0-2.884A 0-4.32A
Load Regulation Voltage ≤405mV
Current ≤6.44mA ≤7.88mA ≤9.32mA
Line Regulation Voltage ≤403mV
Current ≤6.44mA ≤7.88mA ≤9.32mA
Set Value Resolution Voltage 100mV
Current 1mA 1mA 1mA
Readback Value Resolution Voltage 100mV
Current 1mA 1mA 1mA
Set Value Accuracy (25℃±5℃) Voltage (>0.1V) ≤0.1%+400mV
Current (>0.1A) ≤0.1%+2mA ≤0.1%+4mA ≤0.1%+6mA
Readback Value Accuracy (25℃±5℃) Voltage (>0.1V) ≤0.1%+400mV
Current (>0.1A) ≤0.1%+2mA ≤0.1%+4mA ≤0.1%+6mA
Ripple and Noise
Differential Mode Voltage ≤150mVp-p and 30mVrms ≤200mVp-p and 30mVrms ≤200mVp-p and 30mVrms
Differential Mode Current ≤5mArms ≤10mArms ≤15mArms
Dynamic Recovery Time
(50%-100% Load) Load Frequency =100Hz
Rise Time (Full Load) 10%-90% ≤150ms
Rise Time (No Load) 10%-90% ≤150ms
Drop Time (Full Load) 90%-10% ≤300ms
Drop Time (No Load) 90%-10% ≤2000ms
Timer Setting Range 0-9999999 (Hour, Minute, Second)
Start Delay Setting Range 0-99.99s
Stop Delay Setting Range 0-99.99s
Slope Setting Voltage Rise 1-1600V/s
Voltage Drop 1-1600V/s
Current Rise 0.001-2.88A/s 0.001-5.76A/s 0.001-8.64A/s
Current Drop 0.001-2.88A/s 0.001-5.76A/s 0.001-8.64A/s
Analog Internal Resistance Setting Range 0-555.5Ω 0-277.8Ω 0-185.1Ω
External Voltage Control
CV Accuracy Rated Output Voltage±0.5%
CC Accuracy Rated Output Current±1%
External resistance control
CV Accuracy Rated Output Voltage±1.5%
CC Accuracy Rated Output Current±1.5%
Power Factor 100VAC (Full Load) 0.99
200VAC (Full Load) 0.97
Efficient 100VAC (Full Load) 78%
200VAC (Full Load) 80%
Master-Slave Control Master-Slave Parallel 3 Sets including the mater tester
Master-Slave Series Not Available
Protection  OVP 20-880V
Accuracy ±2% Rated Output Voltage
OCP 0.144-1.512A 0.288-3.024A 0.432-4.536A
Accuracy ±2% Rated Output Current
OTP Internal Temperature Rise Determines
Size and Weight Overall Size (mm) 215(W)×146(H)×420(D)
Shelf Size (mm) 215(W)×132(H)×420(D)
Net Weight 3kg 5.3kg 7.5kg
Power Supply 88-265VAC,50/60Hz
Note: Power regulation rate (88-132VAC or 170-265VAC, constant load).
Load regulation rate (no load - full load, constant input voltage).
Rise time (10%-90% of rated output voltage, with rated resistive load)
Drop time (90%-10% of rated output voltage, with rated resistive load)
Dynamic recovery time (when the load changes from 50% to 100% of the rated output current, the time for the output voltage to recover within the range of 0.1%+10mV of the rated output)
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