Fluke971\Fluke TC01A\Fluke ST20MAX用于供暖检查的应用

Fluke971\Fluke TC01A\Fluke ST20MAX用于供暖检查的应用,文章来源于Fluke。无论您是需要在家测量烤箱温度、厨房油温,还是在工业领域准确读取设备温度,都能满足您的需求。想象一下,只需轻轻一点,您就能得知物体温度的神奇数字。每款仪器都具有高精度和便携性,可测量范围广泛,让您瞬间掌握温度情况。Fluke 971\Fluke TC01A\Fluke ST20MAX for Heating Inspection Applications article from Fluke.Whether you need to measure oven temperatures at home, oil temperatures in the kitchen, or accurately read the temperature of your equipment in industry, there is a solution for your needs. Imagine knowing the magic number of an object's temperature at the touch of a button. Each instrument is highly accurate and portable, and can measure a wide range of temperatures, so you can get a handle on your temperature in an instant.
Application object
Company: Henan a heating company
Application products: 971, TC01A, ST20MAX
Applicant: Mr. He
Application Background
Heating business is an infrastructure to ensure people's warm life, which plays an important role in improving people's quality of life and promoting social harmony and stability. The cold climate in winter makes heating a basic need of life. By vigorously developing the heating business, it can guarantee that the people can enjoy constant warmth in the cold season and improve the quality of life and happiness of the residents. In order to ensure the quality of heating, heating companies need to enter households to test the indoor temperature and humidity, and to check the temperature of the pipelines in heat exchange stations.
Application Objectives
Detecting indoor temperature and humidity
According to the standard, the indoor temperature should not be lower than 18℃ and the humidity should be kept between 30%-75%RH after heating. The heating company should enter the user after heating.
Inspection of heat exchanger station
The temperature of the secondary water supply and return water between the heat exchanger and the user needs to be tested in the heat exchange station. It should be ensured that the temperature of the secondary water supply is between 60℃-65℃ and the temperature of the return water is between 45℃-50℃.
供热企业采购了一批Fluke 971温湿度计,由业务员入户进行检查。何工在到达客户处后会对室内中心、窗户附近、大门附近的温湿度进行2-3次测量,以平均值为准。使用971后可以对温湿度同时进行测量,即测即得,还有数据记录的功能,方便检测后的数据回看。在保持舒适度和良好的室内空气质量方面,温度和湿度是两项至关重要的因素。 使用Fluke971温度湿度测量仪可以快速、方便地获取准确的湿度和温度读数。对于设备维护和工程技术人员、HVAC 服务承包商以及从事室内空气质量 (IAQ) 评估的专家来说,Fluke971堪称是良品。 轻巧灵便且易于持握,使得 Fluke 971 成为监测问题区域的理想工具。 配备结实的皮套和传感器护盖,Fluke 971 不仅操作方便,而且坚固耐用。
Application Effect
Quickly check indoor temperature and humidity
The heating company purchased a batch of Fluke 971 temperature and humidity meters, and the salesman will enter the house for checking. After arriving at the customer's place, He will take 2-3 measurements of the temperature and humidity in the center of the room, near the window, and near the door, and the average value will prevail. After using 971, you can measure the temperature and humidity at the same time, which is the same as the measurement, and there is also the function of data logging, which is convenient to look back at the data after the inspection. Temperature and humidity are two critical factors in maintaining comfort and good indoor air quality. Getting accurate humidity and temperature readings is quick and easy with the Fluke 971. The Fluke 971 is ideal for equipment maintenance and engineering technicians, HVAC service contractors, and experts in indoor air quality (IAQ) assessment. Lightweight and easy to hold, the Fluke 971 is the ideal tool for monitoring problem areas. Equipped with a sturdy holster and sensor cover, the Fluke 971 is not only easy to handle, but also rugged.
除了需要检测室内温湿度,何工还需要对暖气供应情况进行检查。针对暖气供应情况的检查需要用到Fluke TC01A手机红外热像仪。在地暖/壁暖施工完成之后,使用TC01A可以直接测量室内管道温度,是否有局部出现堵塞/泄露的情况,可以帮助快速验收以及快速定位故障点。优化的 Fluke iSee™ 应用程序界面及菜单设计,畅享专业操作体验,轻松实现所有功能,在使用壁暖的情况下,Fluke TC01A手机红外热像仪可以一键拍摄,检测暖气片的热分布,了解系统工作状态。基于对建筑物能耗的监控需求,需要监测建筑外墙的保暖性。通过使用TC01对建筑外墙进行拍摄,可以查看高温位置,方便找到建筑热能损失点。
Accurate detection of indoor heating supply; rapid detection of building heat loss
In addition to checking the indoor temperature and humidity, Mr. He also needed to check the heating supply. The Flueke TC01A cellular infrared camera is used to check the heating supply. The TC01A can be used to measure the temperature of the pipes directly after the underfloor/wall heating work has been completed and to check whether there are any localized blockages/leaks, which can help with quick acceptance inspections as well as locating faults quickly. Optimized Fluke iSee™ application interface and menu design, enjoy a professional operating experience, easy to realize all the functions, in the use of wall heating, Flueke TC01A mobile thermal imaging camera can be a one-button shooting, to detect the heat distribution of the heater, to understand the working status of the system. Based on the need to monitor the energy consumption of the building, the warmth of the building facade needs to be monitored. By using the TC01 to take a picture of the building facade, it is possible to view the location of high temperatures, making it easy to find the point of heat loss in the building.
对于换热站来说,供水、回水管都需要对温度进行监控。Fluke ST20MAX红外测温仪可以一键测量供水管与换热器、入户段的连接处温度,帮助X工快速对供水管的情况进行检测。非接触式测温仪是进行快速、准确地温度测量的专业诊断工具。专业人员可利用该手持式便携工具进行研究供暖和通风问题、监控电力马达和配电盘的状态,并可以轻松地诊断汽车故障。主要特性:温度量程从– 30°C至600°C;距离系数比:20:1;IP54防尘防水;发射率可调。
Quickly Detect Temperatures at Key Points in Heat Exchange Stations
The Fluke ST20MAX infrared thermometer measures the temperature at the connection between the water supply pipe and the heat exchanger, and the inlet section of the home at the touch of a button, helping the X-worker to quickly check the condition of the water supply pipe. Non-contact pyrometer is a professional diagnostic tool for fast and accurate temperature measurement. Professionals can use the handheld portable tool to research heating and ventilation problems, monitor the condition of electric motors and switchboards, and easily diagnose automotive problems. Key features: Temperature range from - 30°C to 600°C; Distance factor ratio: 20:1; IP54 dust and water resistant; Adjustable emissivity.
User Testimonials
At present, when doing home inspection will take a cell phone thermal imaging camera and 971, more convenient to carry, and overall view of the measurement is more accurate, our customers on the results of recognition is also relatively high. These two products are also very simple to use, basically do not need to learn to operate in advance, the boot can be measured, the general indoor temperature and humidity measurement of eight or nine points, then less than five minutes to get done, the detection of pipeline is a moment to find the problem point, but also to the user to show the real situation.
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