RTC Series Reference Temperature Calibrator RTC-168

Your Sanitary Sensor Solution

One of the technicians' most challenging calibration jobs is the awkward sanitary sensors used predomi-nately in the pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries. To accurately calibrate these sensors,the technician must place the sensing element in the uniform zone of the temperature calibrator. However, correctly placing the sensing element is often difficult due to the small length of the sanitary sensor or the large flange above the sensor.At AMETEK STC, we have worked closely with our customers to understand these difficulties, and now we are pleased to offer a solution with our RTC- 168 Reference Temperature Calibrator.Building on the knowledge gained with two previous combination dry-block/wet bath temperature calibra- tors, we have added innovative, industry-first features and a new patent-pending calibration process. The longer uniformity zone in the sensor basket and the special sanitary insert perfectly support accurate calibration of sanitary sensors. The
wider temperature range will open new possibilities that we previ- ously couldn't support with our wet/dry calibrator. We are confident that our RTC- 168 temperature calibrator is the sanitary sensor calibration solution you have been waiting for in a portable calibra- tor, whether in dry-block or wet bath mode.
RTC- 168

Key Features

●New Liquid Calibration System: A redesigned liquid calibration system and a faster magnetic stirrer result in a longer temperature uniformity zone. This vertically extended zone now makes it reachable for shorter sanitary sensor.
●More Space to Support Large Flanges: Will now support calibration of sanitary sensors with diameters up to 84 mm.
●Removable Liquid Container: The RTC- 168 features a removable liquid insert/container, making switching from wet to dry easier, faster, and much cleaner. Remove the container with liquid, and it’s a dry-block calibrator again… No cleaning needed!
●Quick Portability: The liquid container includes a screw-on lid with a built-in pressure relief valve.  In the case of temperature or elevation change while transporting, the relief valve protects the user by releasing the increased pressure from the closed system.
●Special Sanitary Sensor Dry-Block Insert: For those customers who prefer to calibrate their sanitary sensors with a dry-block calibrator, we designed a special insert to accom- modate short sensors. Adapters to different models are also available.
●Unique Airflow System: In an industry first, we have reversed the airflow system in the RTC- 168, pushing the hot air out the bottom of the calibrator rather than the top. This protects the customer’s sensors under test from the heated exhaust air.
●New IP68 Interchangeable Reference Sensor: Our new STS- 102A-035 reference sensor matches the RTC- 168 temperature range, but more importantly is compatible with both dry and wet applications.  Use it as usual in a dry-block application, and then switch to   liquid calibration applications without using a protection tube.
●Save Time and Money With Fast Heating Time: Total heating time from -22°C to 155°C is over twice as fast as previous JOFRA models.

Standard Delivery

Models A, B, and C Include:Models A, B, and C Include
●RTC dry-block calibrator (user specified)
●Mains power cable (user specified)
●Traceable certificate - temperature performance
●Tool for insertion tubes
●USB cable
●Set of rubber cones for insulation plugs
Model B Instruments Also Include:
●Test cables (2 x red, 2 x black)
●Traceable certificate - input performance for reference sensor and DLC sensor
●Traceable certificate - input performance for sensor-under-test inputs
Model C Instruments Also Include:
●Traceable certificate - input performance for reference sensor and DLC sensor
  Model A Model B Model C
Dual-zone heating/cooling block ? ? ?
MVI – Mains Variance Immunity (or similar) ? ? ?
Stability indicator ? ? ?
Automatic step function ? ? ?
USB communication ? ? ?
Display resolution 0.001° ? ? ?
Programmable max. temperature ? ? ?
SYNC output (for external recording device)   ? ? ?
Calibration of short sensors in special insert      ? ?
External precision reference sensor input    ? ?
External precision DLC reference sensor input    ? ?
“SET” follows“TRUE”   ? ?
Load compensation functionality   ? ?
Input for RTD, TC, V, mA   ?  
4-20 mA transmitter input incl. 24 VDC supply   ?  
All inputs scalable to temperature   ?  
Automatic switch test (open, close, and hysteresis)   ?  
Download of calibration work orders from PC   ?  
Upload of calibration results (as found & as left)   ?  
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