The ADTS542F, supplied with an ADTS Touch, is a small, lightweight and cost-effective portable two-channel flightline pitot static tester for “Aircraft on the Ramp” testing. The ADTS542F is also ideal for any aircraft with low pitot static demands or for light aircraft, including helicopters and propeller-driven airplanes. To ensure an accuracy that is suitable for RVSM (reduced vertical separation minimum) validation, the new ADTS542F incorporates advanced Druck TERPS (trench etched resonant pressure sensor) technology together with innovative Druck proportional pressure control.

ADTS542F Features

●ADTS Touch hand terminal with Bluetooth® wireless technology (backup cable supplied)
●Swipe–action, touch screen user interface with color graphics and menu
●Standard icons and layouts for routine testing
●Multiple languages
●High flow proportional pressure control technology
●TERPS high accuracy pressure sensors inside
●Accuracy suitable for RVSM validation
●Low airspeed option
●15-month accuracy option
●Engine Pressure Ratio (EPR) option
●Stores customized aircraft test sequences
●Accessories bag supplied, ADTS Touch carry case and ADTS542F backpack options
●Druck ADTS global service support
●Lower cost below RVSM airspace option


The ADTS Touch is a removable, robust wireless hand terminal that communicates to the test set via secure Bluetooth® wireless technology. This technology and the innovative design of the ADTS Touch remove the need to run cables or hoses into the cockpit.*
A rechargeable battery pack enables up to eight hours of continuous ADTS Touch wireless use. The battery can be charged by the ADTS Touch when connected to the test set, by power cable, or by an optional desk charger. As an alternative, the ADTS Touch can be used as a conventional wired hand terminal, with or without a battery pack, by attaching a supplied cable, or as a local user interface by docking the hand terminal onto the ADTS542F. A large, easy-to-read display in pressure or aeronautical units and swipe navigation, with intuitive icons that are logical and easy to remember, allow you to quickly scroll through available tasks. The ability to set “aircraft safety limits,” enable “auto leak recovery” and save or recall aircraft test sequences make the ADTS Touch an easy-to-use hand terminal. Its multi-language selection further enhances the ADTS Touch’s usability.For the more demanding wireless application, such as a large aircraft outside of a hanger (nothing for the wireless signal to bounce off), the ADTS Touch-ER offers a solution. The ADTS Touch-ER extends the wireless range, by the use of a fixed external antenna, or by using the supplied window attach antenna.

ADTS542F Standard specifications

●ADTS542F pitot static tester
●ADTS Touch hand terminal
●AC power lead: 1.8 m (6 ft) length approximately
●ADTS Touch remote connecting cable: 5m (16ft) length approximately
●ADTS Touch battery pack
●ADTS Touch AC power supply unit
●Pack of Ps and Pt color labels
●Multi-language installation manual
●Accessories bag
●Operator manual (installed in ADTS Touch)\
●Calibration certificate traceable to international standards

ADTS542F and ADTS Touch specifications

Parameter Operating range Resolution ADTS542F 12 mth accuracy* ADTS542F-E3 15 mth
Altitude FL550 -3,000 to 55,000 ft 1 ft ±3 ft at sea level
±7 ft at 29,000 ft
±12 ft at 41,000 ft
±3 ft at sea level
±7 ft at 29,000 ft
±12 ft at 41,000 ft
FL280 -3,000 to 28,000 ft 1ft ±3 ft at sea level
±7 ft at 29,000 ft
±12 ft at 41,000 ft
±3 ft at sea level
±7 ft at 29,000 ft
±12 ft at 41,000 ft
Ps FL550 92 to 1,130 mbar abs 0.01 mbar ±0.1mbar abs ±0.1mbar abs
FL280 329 to 1,130 mbar abs 0.01 mbar ±0.1mbar abs ±0.1mbar abs
Standard airspeed (CAS)
20 to 650 knots 0.1 kts ±1.5 kt at 20 kts
±0.6 kt at 50 kts
±1.5 kt at 20 kts
±0.6 kt at 50 kts
Standard airspeed (CAS)
20 to 450 knots 0.1Kts ±1.5Kt at 20Kts
±0.6Kt at 50Kts
±1.5Kt at 20Kts
±0.6Kt at 50Kts
Standard airspeed Pt FL550 92 to 1,997 mbar abs 0.01 mbar ±0.13mbar abs ±0.13mbar abs
Standard airspeed Pt FL280 92 to 1,498 mbar abs 0.01 mbar ±0.13mbar abs ±0.13mbar abs

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