Druck IO620-PRV-P-3 Pressure relief valve

Druck's IO620-PRV-P-3 pressure reducing valve, which is a part of PV621 series, is introduced. The primary purpose of the valve is to protect the pressure module and equipment under test from overpressure. The pressure reducing valve is designed to be installed on the PV62X system to allow it to function properly and provide the protection and safety it was designed for.
attribute Numerical value
Attachment type    Pressure relief valve
Be applicable to PV 621 series, PV 622 series   

Suitable for PV621/PV622 series

The IO620-PRV-P-3 applies to the PV621/PV622 series. GE Druck's PW6210 pressure seat is an air pressure generator for pressure from 9% vacuum to 20 bar(30 p). The PW621G Pressure Base is a pressure generator for pressures up to 1000 bar(1500 psi). Each force station operates independently as a pressure generator and can replace traditional hand pumps to provide greater efficiency and ease of use. The PW7621G pressure base can also be used as a comparator on the workbench. Combining any pressure station with the PM620 pressure module and the DPI620 calibrator creates a relatively advanced stand-alone pressure calibrator.
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