Jofra ASMMulti scanner

ASM advanced signal multi-channel scanner for the calibration of multiple temperature sensors to provide unique automation solutions, can save you valuable time. Each ASM is equipped with a eight channel scanner controlled by the JOFRACAL software on PC. The scanner can handle signals from 2 wire, 3 wire, 4 wire RTD, TC, transmitter, thermistor, temperature and voltage switch. Up to 3 ASM devices can be connected up to up to 24 sensors simultaneously.

ASM can be used in conjunction with any dry or liquid calibrator, a DTI reference thermometer, and a ASC multifunction calibrator. Applications that are essential for temperature measurement and need to create traceable documents for sensor calibration.

Automatic program to reduce human error

• assign dedicated input channels for reference sensors with an accuracy of 0.026

Eliminate the electromagnetic fields in cables, sockets and sensors using the "true ohm" technology

Measuring device - A model standard alone, while the B model itself has the ability to measure

With JOFRACAL or JOFRALOG to use, you can:

• setup, implement, print and save traceable calibration data

Calibration of up to 24 sensors using a dry calibration instrument

• ASM directly with high-precision reference probe calibration

• simultaneous recording of 24 sensor data

ASM 800 series is suitable for many process industries, especially in petrochemical, electric power, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, shipbuilding, cement and other industries. Some manufacturers use a large number of temperature components, often need to be calibrated before the assembly of the temperature sensor, is also very suitable.

Product overview

Study on American AMETEK company's long-term commitment to the temperature calibration, she set 30 years of development, production, application experience, the new ASM800 series automatic scanner. The scanner can be directly connected to any one of AMETEK dry stoves and digital thermometer and calibration software together constitute the automatic temperature calibration system.

AS M is a 8 channel automatic scanner, under the control of the AMETEK JOFRACAL software, the system can be connected to 3 AS M up to calibrate the sensor at the same time 24. The scanner is equipped with a high-precision measurement circuit, which can directly measure the current, voltage, resistance, thermocouple, thermal resistance, switches and other signals. JOFRACAL automatic calibration software is provided with ASM, the Chinese operation interface, can store and print calibration report, automatic control of AMETEK temperature source and digital thermometer, including user manual tank, the existing freezing device standard and other standard equipment for temperature sensor.

Basic model:

The ASM series is divided into 3 basic types according to the type of temperature components that can be connected and measured.

ASM-801: 8 channels, each channel for the general terminal. It can be used to measure the thermal resistance, thermocouple, temperature transmitter, voltage, current, resistance and so on. Each channel has high precision temperature measurement to provide accurate cold end compensation.

ASM-802: 8 channels, each channel can be connected to a small thermocouple plug, thermocouple can be measured, providing accurate cold end compensation.

ASM-803: 8 channel, each channel for the LEMO connector, mainly used to measure the thermal resistance, of course, can also be connected to the current, voltage and resistance signals, each channel provides built-in loop power supply.


ASM series scanner on the basis of the basic model can be divided into A and B.

ASM B is a kind of multi-channel temperature acquisition device, which integrates 8 channel scanning switch and high precision multi function signal measuring circuit.

ASM A has a lower price, is only a 8 channel scanning switch, to measure the temperature signal, also need to rely on C series dry furnace under A JOFRA, DTI-1000 digital thermometer, ASC300 multifunction calibrator or a ASM type B scanner.

Type A:

8 channel scanning switch, each channel has a cold end compensation function, you can transfer the maximum 30V, 30mA analog signal. Do not use JOFRACAL software can also work alone, but the need for additional measurement device.

Type B:

8 channel scanner, in the A based on the increase of high-precision measurement function. Can measure current, voltage, resistance, thermal resistance, thermocouple and switch signal, the fastest can scan 5 channels per second, the composition of the automatic calibration system can greatly save time.

At the same time measuring up to 24 temperature sensors

The system can connect up to 3 ASM, so it can measure up to 24 sensors simultaneously.

Both A and B, can be transmitted or measured 2, 3, 4 wire thermal resistance, with cold end compensation thermocouple, temperature transmitter, temperature switch, voltage, current, resistance and other signals. ASM-801 and ASM-803 also built a 24V loop power supply for the 4-20mA transmitter.

True ohm measurement

ASM-801 and ASM-803 using a true resistance measurement technology, built-in 1 mA constant current source, the two measurement, effectively overcome the measurement loop generated EMF".

Focus on automatic temperature calibration system.

As a worldwide calibration instrument supplier, JOFRA has focused on the research of this product line for more than 25 years, has accumulated a lot of experience.

Simultaneous calibration of 24 temperature measuring elements.

According to their own need for flexible configuration, the same conditions under the calibration of multiple, unattended, save time.

Reserved extended function.

Each scanner 8 channels, the latter need to increase the calibration channel, only on the basis of the existing connection to another scanner can be, without waste of pre investment.

Calibrate any temperature element.

Measurable signals include: 2, 3, 4 wire thermal resistance, thermocouple, temperature transmitter, temperature switch, current, voltage, resistance.

Integrate other JOFRA






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