Jofra CTC350A dry oven

CTC-350A 28 to C (82 to 662 F)

The classic work of industrial dry furnace

The new CTC dry body furnace accuracy increased by 25%, with a resolution of 0.01 degrees C, which is the highest accuracy in the market of industrial dry oven

External standard platinum resistance

The C type dry oven has an external standard platinum resistance measurement interface, the external standard platinum resistance to further improve the accuracy of the dry body furnace.

Wider temperature range

The new CTC series covers the temperature range of -25 to 660 C (-13 to to 1220 F) and basically covers the general industrial calibration requirements.

CTC-155: -25 to 155 C (-13 to 311 F)

CTC-350: 28 to C (82 to 662 F)

CTC-660: 28 to C (82 to 1220 F)

External standard platinum resistance temperature control

The CTC with an external standard platinum resistor can operate the "External ref" (external standard) mode in two modes to represent the standard platinum resistance reading as the standard value. "Set follows True" (external temperature control) mode external standard platinum resistance has two purposes: the measurement of temperature as a standard value, while controlling the CTC oven to reach the set temperature.

Fast calibration

All of the Jofra body furnaces are equipped with a specially designed thermostat, which makes it easier to heat up and cool down, while the settling time is shorter. It takes a short time for a three point temperature calibration.


CTC series can be used in the field and indoor, we focus on the size and weight of the design so that the CTC has excellent portability. CTC weight is very light, easy to carry, and away from the heating area of the handle.

The CTC series incorporates a number of useful features that can be operated in four modes.

Portable Jofra CTC350A dry oven

setting temperature

The most simple and rapid temperature setting method, press F1 (set) can be set to achieve the desired temperature.

Setting temperature Jofra CTC350A dry oven

Preset temperature

In the preset temperature menu (press F2), you can select several preset temperature values. These preset temperature values can be edited as required.

Preset temperature Jofra CTC350A dry oven

Automatic switch test

After the parameters are set, the drying oven can be run automatically. Can be set by the need to test the dead zone, dry body oven can automatically repeat up to three return.

Automatic switch test - Jofra CTC350A dry oven

Automatic stepping

In the automatic step function can be set up to 12 temperature points, while you can set the residence time. You can even set the stability criteria. The drying oven can run all the processes automatically.

Special performance

Special properties - Jofra CTC350A dry oven

Simultaneous calibration of multiple sensors

For most of the dry oven, the heat loss of the casing is a challenge to calibrate a larger size sensor or multiple sensors. CTC advanced feedback algorithm combined with external standard platinum resistance effectively solves the problem of heat dissipation and improves the calibration accuracy.

Plug and play external standard platinum resistance

CTC series C type dry body furnace STS series external standard platinum resistance with plug and play function, the relevant parameters in the memory chip in the interface: platinum resistance coefficient, including serial number, temperature range, calibration date, calibration cycle, etc..

A variety of casing Jofra CTC350A dry oven

Multiple casing

CTC series offers a variety of casing options, covering almost all of the measured sensor sizes. The new CTC low temperature dry oven provides a larger than 35% of the previous generation of the casing used to calibrate the calibrated sensor. We also provide a variety of commonly used sensor size porous casing, the use of more flexible.

IRI - Smart recalibration information

In the boot or connect the standard platinum resistance, the new CTC will check whether the calibration expired, if the expiration will immediately send out sound and warning information.

External standard platinum resistance protection function

If the set temperature is outside the standard platinum resistance range, the CTC will be locked to avoid damage to the standard platinum resistance.

User defined settings

Quiet mode

CTC can be run in quiet mode, suitable for use in a laboratory or office. In this mode, CTC does not cool at full speed.

Online firmware upgrade

You can download the upgrade software on the official website, you can register the product on this site, when there are new software available for download or other useful information, you will be notified.

Sensor support

The sensor bracket can be mounted on the CTC to fix the position of the sensor to be calibrated. The bracket comprises a support rod, a retainer and a clamp.

Portable box

Special design of the portable box can provide a good protection for CTC. Can also be stored in the portable casing, test lines, manuals and other accessories.





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