ZX70A/ZX80A Impedance Analyzer

Brief Introduction
ZX70A/ZX80A series is a new generation impedance analyzer, which is designed by Changzhou Zhixin Precision Co., Ltd. The  instrument  is mainly used in impedance analysis and test of ferroelectric crystal, piezoelectric ceramic, ultrasonic transducer devices and so on. ZX70A/ZX80A  series  provides  a  super solution  for  frequency scan and impedance measurement analysis of piezoelectric devices and equipments, makes it convenient for applying in parameters of piezoelectric devices.
Some traditional ultrasonic impedance analyzer in the market need to run the software on the computer to realize the function of scan and analysis.In addition to the function of computer scan and analysis, ZX70A/ZX80A  series  also  provides  the  display  function  of  the piezoelectric element s impedance frequency sweep curve analysis. This way can ensure the testing e  ciency, and reduce  the test  cost.  The instrument can be easily used in the production line. At the same time,  the  vector  measurement  principle  is  used  in  ZX70A/ZX80A, which has good measurement precision, super wide frequency range and excellent stability, the instrument can meet the most requirements of the ultrasonic devices and materials.
ZX70A/ZX80A series can realize the trace sweep on the instrument, the graph display and the test results  also can  be  easily stored  in the U disk. At the same time, the instrument has computer software interface, the standard version need not be bought.
Being equipped with multiple interfaces of RS232C, USB, DEVICE, USBHOST,HANDLER,ZX70A/ZX80A  series  can  also  match  the interfaces of RS485 and GPIB. In order to set up an automatic test system, data communication and remote control can be carried out  with PC.
Impedance Analyzer
High speed impedance analyzer, Applicable to high speed test system.
Test accuracy:0.1%,fast speed(100 times/s).
Test data is the same as the international brand manufacturers . Key lock function, Power down data protection.
Simpli ed Chinese and English operation interface.
Scan and analysis function of frequency response characteristic impedance.
Support U disk update instrument software.
50 les in inner ash les, and 500 les in U disk,Abundant interfaces can be called at any time, RS232C,USB DEVICE, HANDLER,GPIB(optional)
Defects can be judged by impedance-frequency curves and admittance circles.
Test data can be stored,printed and traced on the computer.
It is easy to analysis sample and archive by printing scan curve figure.
A key to start the test function,easy operation and high production efficiency.
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