Jofra P Series pressure comparison pump (system D)

P series comparator is a hydraulic screw pump, which can produce high pressure in a controlled manner. Each comparator includes a 4 port manifold for connecting a reference indicator, a test device, a fine adjustment device, an isolation valve or a liquid storage tank. Adjustable reference pressure port allows you to set the reference instrument at the best viewing angle. Three models are available, hydraulic oil, water or two in one.

Pressure range: 0 to 5000 PSI

Easy to use, fine adjustment

Adjustable reference port

• clear / vent air through CPF connector

Portable or permanently installed on the workbench

• P-018-CPF contains CPF hoses and connectors

Jofra P pressure comparison pump (system D)

Can be paired with header h: DPC-500, HPC500, HPC502, HPC550Ex, HPC552Ex and IPI

0 to 350 bar

0 to 5000 PSI

65P-016 this hand pump screw compression design can make the pressure becomes more convenient and easier to control. At the same time, the utility model can select water or oil as a pressure medium, and has 4 pressure output ports. Pressure outlet is standard 1 /4 "BSP interface. We can also provide other specifications of the adapter.

JOFRA hand pump with the following types of pressure calibration instrument head composed of complete pressure

Calibration systems: HPC400, HPC500, HPC502, HPC550Ex, HPC552Ex, DPC-500 and IPI

AME EK JOFRA for the same pressure range to prepare a small hand pump with hydraulic pump, type 100MPa pressure from the low pressure pump from the pump to the company ". The hand pump is small but sturdy and durable, with various functions accurately adjust the pressure, including pressure, pressure, output multiple fine adjustment knob, the pressure adapter, our choice of type 0 circle, let you realize the pressure calibration very easily.

For all JOFRA pressure calibration systems, both the hand pump and the header can be separated. So if there is a problem with the hand pump, you do not need to send the meter to our service center. At the same time, the maintenance of the instrument has become very easy. The JOFRA header is also calibrated by mountain users, with only one standard pressure source. Of course, if you still want our factory to calibrate for you, just send back the header.

The JOFRA calibration system generally includes a calibration instrument head, hand pump, adapter, battery, test line, user manual and traceable calibration certificate.

Of course, the hand pump and calibration of the instrument head can be ordered separately.


DOX includes a P-018 hydraulic screw pump (0 to 5000 psi for oil)

DWX includes a P-018 hydraulic screw pump (0 to 5000 psi for water)


60P016 P016 or P-018-CPF repair kit

60P017 P017 repair kit

60R135 isolation valve

60R013 fine tuning knob

Auxiliary liquid storage tank with 65-R975 exhaust valve

65R175 hose - 1 m, 1/4 "BSP female connector x 1/4" BSP male connector

60I156 hose - 1.5 m, 1/4 "BSP female connector x 1/4" BSP male connector

65P180 hose - 2 m, 1/4 "BSP female connector x 1/4" BSP male connector

60I157 hose - 5 m, 1/4 "BSP female connector x 1/4" BSP male connector

MPH-1 straight hose - 1 m, 7/16-20 MP male connector

MPH-1.5 straight hose - 1.5 m, 7/16-20 MP male connector

MPH-3 straight hose - 3 m, 7/16-20 MP male connector

MPH-5 straight hose - 5 m, 7/16-20 MP male connector

MPH-10 straight hose - 10 m, 7/16-20 MP male connector

4013 CPF fast test NPT Suite - including MPF-1/8QTF, MPF-1/4QTF and MPF-1/2QTF

4015 CPF BSP Suite - including MPF-1/8BSPF, MPF-1/4BSPF, MPF-3/8BSPF and MPF-1/2BSPF

65N000 adapter - extension tube, 120 mm (up to bar) - 1/4 "BSP female connector x 1/4" BSP male connector

50-REF 615 adapter - quick connector kit, female connector 1/4 "BSP x 1/4" BSP

SPK-HPC-004 adapter - Banjo connector kit

60R955 plug - 1/4 "BSP male connector

101549 adhesive seal - suitable for 1/2 "BSP

60R120 bonded seal - suitable for 1/4 "BSP

60R122 bonded seal - suitable for 1/8 "BSP

MGAA/QT hydraulic oil - Quart

MGAA/GL hydraulic oil - gallon






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