Jofra RTC700A Temperature calibrator

RTC-700A standard dry furnace is American AMETEK company JOFRA RTC series of the latest generation of products, according to the calibration specification of furnace dry EU EURAMET/cg-13/v.01, after the strict test and comparison.

Color VGA LCD screen for reading and monitoring the temperature field

The new 5.7 "full color VGA LCD screen is very convenient for reading. Menu navigation function logic, the screen will be the current operation of all the information required to display. Windows dialog box will pop up when necessary, and there is a voice prompt.

Color screen displays a lot of information:

Temperature values and their corresponding values

Steady state, stable time countdown, stable duration

Load compensation status.

Real-time clock

Reference probe serial number

Temperature probe feedback signal

Rich USB interface

USB communication interface, can be directly connected to the computer, without the conversion of USB-RS232 can also be directly connected to the U disk, firmware upgrade system. LAN port. SD card slot reserved for future network communications and external storage function.

Intelligent reference probe

JOFRA reference probe is equipped with a smart connector, the built-in chip to save calibration data (temperature correction parameters) and other information. This is a true plug and play calibration system

Quiet mode

RTC oven can be set to quiet mode. If the calibration is performed in the laboratory or in the office, it is possible to use this function to limit the heating / cooling power of the oven body, thereby reducing the noise.

Dual zone heating / cooling RTC-700A offers a number of unique features:

MVI- power supply stable circuit

Stable cue

Automatic stepping

USB communication

Display resolution 0.001

Maximum temperature limit

SYNC sync output

Calibrated short sensor

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