CTC660A Series Compact Temperature Calibrator

CTC Series Compact Temperature Calibrator
Save Time, Save Money
Best in class industrial calibrator
The new generation of the CTC temperature
calibrator has improved the accuracy with as much
as 25%. This makes it the most accurate industrial
class temperature calibrator on the market.
Wide temperature range
The CTC series covers a wide temperature range
from -25 to 660°C (-13 to 1220°F). This makes it
sufficent to cover almost all standard industrial
emperature calibration applications.
CTC-155: -25 to 155°C (-13 to 311°F)
CTC-350: 28 to 350°C (82 to 662°F)
CTC-660: 28 to 660°C (82 to 1220°F)
Fast calibration
All our Jofra temperature calibrators feature a
purpose-dedicated temperature regulator. This
provides a very fast heating and cooling time as
well as a short stabilization time. Performing a three
point temperature calibration procedure is fast and
saves time.
External reference sensor
All our C Models are designed with a signal input
for an external reference sensor. The sensor makes
it possible to improve accuracy even more. Our new
range of external reference sensors have been
developed to match each of the new CTC’s.
External sensor control
The CTC can be run in two modes when using the
external reference sensor. “External ref” mode is
where the external reference sensor represents the
True value. The “Set Follows True” mode is where
the reference sensor serves two purposes;
measuring the reference temperatue and at the
same time controlling the block temperature to the
set temperature.
Easy to carry
The CTC series is designed for both on-site and
maintenance shop calibration. We have focused on
great portability in regard of size and weigth. The
calibrator is lightweigth and easy to carry and with a
handle placed away from the heat-zone.
Multi-Information Display
Status Bar
Shows information about
recalibration due status and hot/
cold safety warnings and keeps
track of date and time.
Calibration Settings
Shows the actual calibration
settings for reference sensor and
stability criteria. Can be accessed
and changed directly in the
display by use of the arrow keys.
Calibration Status
Shows current status of the
calibrator, like heating/cooling,
stabillity achieved and expected
time to stability.
Function Bar
Shows the current possibilities of
the function keys.
Function Keys
The function keys serve as shortcuts to the main functions like Set, Preset, Auto step and Switch test. When entering one of the functions the function key shows the options within the selected function.
Informative color display and intuitive operation
The CTC series is designed with an easy to read and very informative color display that gives you a full overview of the calibration task you currently are performing.
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