Jofra CTC320B temperature calibrator

Insert deeper

CTC-320B and CTC650B insert depth of up to 190mm, so you can calibrate the liquid filled thermometer and other longer thermometer.

Maximum temperature protection function

CTC series can be set to the maximum temperature limit, used to protect the calibration of the sensor, to avoid damage due to over application temperature. At the same time, the maximum temperature limit can avoid the drift caused by the high temperature. This feature can also be locked through a password.

Automatic stepping

Up to 9 steps can be set up automatically, including the stability of each step. This feature allows the CTC to be placed on the site to automatically control the temperature, the operator can observe the sensor data in the control room.

Recalibration and adjustment

The new CTC calibration method is very simple, no software or screwdriver, only need a standard reference thermometer. The reference thermometer is inserted into the instrument, in accordance with the instructions on the screen can be re calibrated. A lot of Metrology departments or calibration laboratories can do this work, and can issue calibration certificate.

Liquid filled sensor (pressure thermometer) or temperature switch

CTC-320B and CTC-650B have a higher 190mm insertion depth and can be calibrated with a liquid filled thermometer. CTC-650B has a specially designed nonlinear heating element and a larger size of the casing, so that the whole heating temperature is highly consistent. This allows the entire length of the sensor parts are placed at the same temperature, resulting in high calibration accuracy and repeatability.

Calibration software

All CTC with RS232 interface and AMECAL-LIGHT software. This software is a WINDOWS application software, you can set different calibration procedures, simple and intuitive operation. This software can print calibration reports in accordance with ISO-9000 specifications. AMETEK-LIGHT software support all RS232 interface with the JOFRA body calibration instrument including JOFRA DTI1000 high precision thermometer. In semi-automatic calibration applications, the software can also support the liquid trough, such as freezing point.

Standard configuration

CTC-140A/320/650/1200 standard configuration

CTC - type dry temperature calibrator (user specified model)

The power line

The traceability Certificate - temperature performance

The casing (user specified)

The casing tools

The RS232 communication cable

The application of JofraCal software

The user manual (in many languages, including Chinese)

The reference manual (English)

The test line

CTC series has the following models:

CTC-140A, CTC-320A, CTC-320B

CTC-650A, CTC-650B, CTC-1200A


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