Jofra RTC250B Temperature calibrator

RTC-250B standard dry oven with reference probe interface, DLC probe interface and input signal measurement interface.

Because the RTC-250B caliber is far greater than the ordinary dry furnace, so RTC-250B dry body / tank furnace can be dual-use dry calibration only temperature probe, a substantial increase in the efficiency of. Save time. Generally speaking, the following advantages:

Up to 24 temperature components with elbow (with ASM scan switch)

It is possible to calibrate the special probe which is irregular in shape and can not be calibrated with a dry tube.

Glass thermometer and gas / liquid pressure thermometer

When used as liquid. Without the use of special holes in the stem body casing. The space is large enough to accommodate irregular temperature sensors.

The utility model is suitable for the occasions that a plurality of sensors are calibrated at one time, as well as occasions needing to calibrate a short probe

Dual zone heating / cooling RTC-250B offers a number of unique features:

MVI- power supply stable circuit

Stable cue

Automatic stepping

USB communication

Display resolution 0.001

Maximum temperature limit

SYNC sync output

Calibrated short sensor

External reference probe interface

External DLC probe interface

Taking the true value as the stability criterion

Load compensation

Measurement of RTD, TC, V, mA signal

4-20mA signal measurement, with 24VDC power supply

All inputs can be converted to temperature values

Download work order from computer

Upload calibration results (before calibration)

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