Jofra ASM803A Scanner

ASM-803: 8 channel, each channel for the LEMO connector, mainly used to measure the thermal resistance, of course, can also be connected to the current, voltage and resistance signals, each channel provides built-in loop power supply. Each channel has a cold end compensation function, you can transfer the maximum 30V, 30mA analog signal. Do not use JOFRACAL software can also work alone, but the need for additional measurement device.

ASM series scanners and JOFRA any of the existing dry oven, DTI digital thermometer, ASC300 calibration instrument product portfolio, can also with other temperature calibration equipment such as liquid, freezing point device composed of temperature calibration system, enhance the value of existing products.

ASM-803A and JOFRA ATC B series dry oven connection, the use of ATC B input function, and by the JOFRACAL software control system composed of automatic calibration.

ASM-803B and JOFRA ITC series dry furnace with high precision data acquisition function using ASM B series itself, and use the S S reference platinum resistance probe access ASM channel 1, to improve the accuracy of the system, the whole system will run in the JOFRACAL software under control.

The 2 ASM A type is connected with the 1 ASM B, and then connected with the C A series dry oven, the purpose is to extend to the 24 calibration channels, while the use of ASM type B measurement function. The C type configuration of A only as a dry furnace outside the base reference probe. The whole system is under the control of JOFRACAL software.

RS232 serial converter one order No.: 125005USB interface into 4 RS232 interface, without external power supply base, can be used to connect the ASM scanner and other temperature calibrator.

At the same time measuring up to 24 temperature sensors

The system can connect up to 3 ASM, so it can measure up to 24 sensors simultaneously.

Both A and B, can be transmitted or measured 2, 3, 4 wire thermal resistance, with cold end compensation thermocouple, temperature transmitter, temperature switch, voltage, current, resistance and other signals. ASM-801 and ASM-803 also built a 24V loop power supply for the 4-20mA transmitter.

True ohm measurement

ASM-801 and ASM-803 using a true resistance measurement technology, built-in 1 mA constant current source, the two measurement, effectively overcome the measurement loop generated EMF".

Focus on automatic temperature calibration system.

As a worldwide calibration instrument supplier, JOFRA has focused on the research of this product line for more than 25 years, has accumulated a lot of experience.

Simultaneous calibration of 24 temperature measuring elements.

According to their own need for flexible configuration, the same conditions under the calibration of multiple, unattended, save time.

Reserved extended function.

Each scanner 8 channels, the latter need to increase the calibration channel, only on the basis of the existing connection to another scanner can be, without waste of pre investment.

Calibrate any temperature element.

Measurable signals include: 2, 3, 4 wire thermal resistance, thermocouple, temperature transmitter, temperature switch, current, voltage, resistance.

Integrating other JOFRA instruments.

Can be used with any of the JOFRA dry oven, DT11000 digital thermometer, ASC300 multi-function calibration device connected to form an automatic calibration system to enhance the value of existing equipment.

Reference probe input channel.

The first channel of the scanner can be used to measure the reference temperature sensor, the accuracy is as high as 0.026

Reducing the influence of human factors on calibration accuracy.

The entire calibration process does not require any operation.

Easy to generate test reports.

RS232 communication and automatic calibration software as a standard configuration, you can easily constitute a calibration system, output, storage calibration certificate.

Input index (type A)

Loop power supply

Output voltage: 24VDC+10%

Output current: Maximum 28 mA

Automatic cold end compensation precision

ASM-801 /802: + 0.20 DEG C (+ + 0.72 F)

@20 26 DEG C (68 a 79 DEG F)

20 outside of a range of 26 DEG C: 0.05 C / C (0.05 F/ F)

Input index (type B)

Loop power supply

Output voltage: 24VDC+10%

Output current: Maximum 28 mA

Loop current measurement

Range: 0~24 mA

Accuracy (12 months): + 0.001%Rdg.+0.001%F.S.

Voltage input

Range: 0~12 VDC

Accuracy (12 months): + 0.005%Rdg.+0.001%F.S.

Switch input

Test voltage: Max 2.5VDC

Test current: Max 0.8mA

Thermal resistance input

Signal type: 2-.3-.4- line true ohm thermal resistance

Signal range: 0~400 (PT10/P under 50/PT100)

Accuracy (12 months): + 0.002%Rdg. = ten 0.002%F.S.

Note: 3 wire system RTD need to increase 25m error, the increase of 2 lines 50m

Thermocouple Input

Signal range: -1 OmV a 78mV

Accuracy: + (0.010% or rdg.+0.005% of F.S.)

Automatic cold end compensation precision

ASM-801 /802: + 0.20 DEG C (+ + 0.72 F)

@20 26 DEG C (68 a 79 DEG F)

20 outside of a range of 26 DEG C: 0.05 C / C (0.05 F/ F)

Jofra ASM series scanner has the following models:

Jofra ASM801A scanner, Jofra ASM801B scanner

Jofra ASM802A scanner, Jofra ASM802B scanner

Jofra ASM803A scanner, Jofra ASM803B scanner

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