RCDT300 series Residual current device testers

RCDT300 series Residual current device testers

About the product
Tests standard, DC, selective and programmable RCDs
Ramp testing (RCDT320/330)
Auto (Remote) testing (RCDT320/330)
Three-phase safe
Enables testing on 110 V centre tapped supplies
USB interface for downloading test result (RCDT330)
Tough rubber armoured case with built-in cover
Weatherproof to IP54
The RCDT300 series of residual current device testers are innovative instruments that combine rugged construction with intuitive operation. Even if they are inadvertently connected to a live three-phase supply, Megger’s RCDT300 range remain undamaged and present no safety hazard to you.
Available in three models, the RCDT300 series are compact and easy to use. Their rubber overmoulding gives them additional protection, plus they come with a built-in display cover. All models in the range are water and dust resistant with an IP54 rating.

There are three models in the range:

RCDT310: suitable for use on supplies between 100 V and 280 V, and offers 0.5I, I and 5I tests, with provision for tests starting at 0 ° or 180 ° of the supply waveform, as well as for DC tests. It also has facilities for testing standard and selective RCDs and covers current ranges from 30 mA to 500 mA. When connected to a live supply, it defaults to voltmeter mode.
RCDT320: covers a wider supply voltage range of 50 V to 280 V, allowing use with centre-tapped 110 V supplies. It incorporates ramp testing, for RCD tripping current measurement, and the unique Megger auto sequence test feature, which saves time by allowing the tester to conduct all RCD tests and store the results while the operator stands by the RCD, resetting it as appropriate.
RCDT330: has an extended operating current range to cover 10 mA to 1000 mA devices, and the ability to measure AC supply voltage and frequency is added. The large LCD screen displays test results and is backlit in this model, making it easier to use in locations with low ambient light levels.
The RCDT330 additionally offers the facility to save test results to internal memory. Over 1000 result can be saved on site and downloaded to a computer when convenient. Data is stored in non-volatile memory, being retained when the instrument is switched off or batteries are exhausted.
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All models in the range comply fully with the requirements of IEC61010-1 for Cat III 300 V applications and are supplied complete with appropriate test leads and a calibration certificate.

Technical specifications

● Tests standard, Type A, selective, and programmable RCDs. 
● Ramp testing (RCDT320/330). 
● Auto (Remote) testing (RCDT320/330).
● 3 Phase safe Enables testing on 110 V centre tapped supplies (RCDT320/330).
● Tough rubber armoured case with built-in cover.
● Weatherproof to IP54.
● USB interface for downloading test result (RCDT330).

RCDT310, RCDT320, RCDT330 description

Standard test ranges
● The RCDT300 series can perform 1/2I, 1xI and 5xI tests on RCDs rated at 30 mA, 100 mA, 300 mA and 500 mA on general and selective (time delayed) RCDs. The
RCDT320/ 330 can also test RCDs rated at 10 mA and 1000 mA. All units offer Type A.
● Test times for normal and Selective RCDs are:
  Normal Selective
1/2I 2s 2s
I 300ms 2s
5I 40ms 150ms
● 5I tests are available on RCDs rated up to 100 mA.


● All RCDs can be tested at 0º or 180º

Selective RCDs (Type S)

● Selective breakers have a time delay in tripping. When selected, trip test times are extended and a 30s delay is allowed between the measurement of the fault voltage and the application of the test current.
Touch voltage
● Touch voltage is measured at the start of the RCD test. If enabled it is displayed on the analogue arc on completion of testing.
Touch voltage inhibit is selectable from 25 V or 50 V.


● Designed to take the bashing that testers receive on site,the Megger RCDT testers are rubber armoured.
● The rigid display cover folds right out of the way during testing and locks down to protect the display when it is finished.

Simple to use:-

● No buried functions mean it is obvious how to use the Megger RCDT.
● Colour coded ranges help test range selection, reducing test times and fault location.
● A user guide in the lid provides all the basic information.

Hands free use:-

● It hangs comfortably around the neck for hands-free use because the instrument is carefully balanced.

Type A (pulsed DC sensitive) RCD’s

● Can be tested at 1/2I, 1xI and 5xI
Ramp testing (RCDT320/330)
● To measure the trip current of an RCD. Current level is slowly increased from 1/2I to 1I (+10%). When the RCD trips the trip current is displayed and held on the screen.
● Very useful diagnosing nuisance tripping of RCDs.
Auto testing (RCDT320/330)
● Where the RCD under test and tester need to be in different locations, the user connects the RCDT320/330 to the circuit and goes to standby the RCD under test to reset it. The RCDT320/330 will automatically perform a 1/2I, I and 5I test at both 0º and 180º. The RCD is reset each time it trips by the electrician and the tester proceeds to the next test auomatically. All results are displayed at the end of the test, saving you time and energy
● The RCDT330 adds the ability to test Programmable RCDs to the test options available, covering the range from 10 mA to 1000 mA, with step increments starting at 1 mA.
The RCDT330 additionally offers the facility to save test results to internal memory. Over 1000 result can be saved on site, and downloaded to a computer when convenient. Data is stored in non-volatile memory, being retained when the instrument is switched off or batteries are exhausted.
A Job reference number can be selected for a range of results, allowing separate locations to be tested with the same tester and easily separated when downloaded.
A memory bar graph acts as a ‘Fuel Gauge’ showing how much memory has been used.
Test results are downloaded to CSV (Comma Separated Variable) spreadsheets, and can be imported into 微软 Excel. If certificates or reports are required, the results can be uploaded directly into Megger Certsuite (Certsuite.app) with a range of features for creating professionally finished documentation for NICEIC, ECA BS and other standard formats.
Safety features:- To protect the user and the tester from incorrect use the RCDT series all has an extensive range of features known as Megger Intelligent Safety System including:
● LED connection indicators – show test lead connections and supply status 
● Safety Interlock – prevents unsafe connection of test leads
● 3 Phase safe - Even if the RCDT is connected across phases, the instruments will remain safe and not be damaged (RCDT320/330).
● Test inhibit – If supply voltage exceeds 300V testing will be inhibited.

All the Megger RCDT300 series RCD testers meet or exceed the UK and International Wiring Regulations,including requirements of BS7671 and VDE 0413 parts 1 and 4, HD 384, IEC 364, NFC15-100, and NEN3140,ES59009, AS/NZS 3000 and EN 61557.
In addition the range meets the requirements of IEC61010-1 for safe connection to Category III supply (300 VPhase to Earth).
The new Megger electrician’s testers are simple, no fuss electrical testers that are tough, reliable and easy to use.
Available in separate instruments, the series consists ofthe:
 - MIT300 range - Insulation and continuity
 - LT300 range - Loop testing
 - RCDT300 range - RCD testing
Between them they meet all the requirements for modern electrical testing.
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