METRALINE ZCHECK Loop Resistance Measuring Instrument

METRALINE ZCHECK Loop Resistance Measuring Instrument

The following measurements can be performed with the METRALINE ZCHECk:
• Fault loop impedance with short-circuit current
• Fault loop impedance with short-circuit current without tripping the RCCB
• Line impedance with short-circuit current
• Line voltage
• Phase detection


• Table of common protective devices can be displayed
• Digital display, backlit color OLED display, switching between brief and detailed representation
• LED for measurement point illumination
• Patented means of securing test probes
• Compact and rugged – for service calls and laboratory use

Applications  of METRALINE ZCHECK

The METRALINE ZCHECk allows for the evaluation of measured imped- ance in consideration of type, nominal current and disconnection time. A table with the parameters of various protective devices is included in device memory.

Applicable Regulations and Standards of METRALINE ZCHECK

IEC 61010-1/-031 DIN EN 61010-1/-031 VDE 0411-1/-031 Safety requirements for electrical equipment for mea- surement, control and laboratory use
Part 1: General requirements
Part 31: Safety requirements for hand-held probe as- semblies for electrical measurement and test
IEC 61557-1/-3 DIN EN 61557-1/-3 VDE 0413-1/-3 Electrical safety in low voltage distribution systems up to 1000 V AC and 1500 V DC – Equipment for testing, measuring or monitoring of protective measures
Part 1: General requirements
Part 3: Loop resistance
IEC 61326-1
DIN EN 61326-1
Electrical equipment for measurement, control and labo- ratory use
– EMC requirements
Part 1: General requirements
DIN EN 60529
VDE 0470-1
Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP code)

Characteristic Values

Fault Loop Impedance / Line Impedance
Nominal Range per EN 61557-3: 0.27 W to 200 W
Range (W) Resolution (W) Intrinsic Uncertainty Measuring Uncertainty
0.00 to 4.99 0.01 ±(3% rdg. + 5 d) ±(4 % rdg. + 7 d)
5.0 to 49.9 0.1 ±(3% rdg. + 3 d) ±(4 % rdg. + 4 d)
50 to 200 1 ±3% rdg. ± 4 % rdg.

Voltage range: 190 to 260 V / 48 to 52 Hz
Load resistance: 50 W (variable number of pulses at 10 ms)
Fault Loop Impedance Without Tripping the RCCB
for measurements of RCCBs with a nominal current of 100 mA or 300 mA
Nominal Range per EN 61557-3: 0.8 W to 200 W
Range (W) Resolution Intrinsic Uncertainty Measuring Uncertainty
0.0 to 4.9 0.1 W ±(5% rdg. + 2 d) ±(6% rdg. + 2 d)
50 to 200 1 W ± 7% rdg. ± 8% rdg.

Voltage range: 190 to 260 V / 48 to 52 Hz
Load resistance: 50 W (variable number of pulses and pulse width)
Short-Circuit Current
Range Resolution Intrinsic Uncertainty Measuring Uncertainty
0 to 999 A 1 A Depending on measuring error
for loop impedance ±1 d
Depending on measuring error
for loop impedance ±1 d
1.0 to 9.9 kA 0.1 kA
10 to 23 kA 1 kA
Alternating Voltage (TRMS)
Range Resolution Intrinsic Uncertainty Measuring Uncertainty
24 to 260 V 1 V
0.1 V
±(2 % rdg. + 2 d) ±(3% rdg. + 3 d)
 Frequency range: 48 to 52 Hz
1 Display for brief representation
2 Display for detailed representation
a) The measuring uncertainties specified here for fault loop impedance, line imped- ance and short-circuit current are only valid if line voltage is stable during measure- ment and if no other electrical circuits parallel to the measured circuit are in use.
c) rdg. means reading, i.e. measured value, d = digits (i.e. number of the decimal    place with the least significance)

Reference Conditions

Temperature 23 ±2 °C Relative humidity 40 to 60%
Line voltage 230 V ±2% / 50 Hz ±1%
Device position any

Ambient Conditions

Operating Conditions

temperature 0 to 40 °C
Relative humidity max. 85%, no condensation allowed Line voltage 190 to 260 V / 48 to 52 Hz
Device position any
Storage Conditions
Temperature –10 to +70 °C
Relative Humidity max. 90% at –10 to +40 °C
max. 80% at +40 to +70 °C
Device position any

Power Supply

Batteries 4 ea. AAA (LR03), 1.5 V alkaline or 1.2 V NIMH (with at least 750 mAh)
Number of measurements with batteries at 800 mAh:approx. 3,000 measurements

Electrical Safety

Measuring category with safety cap applied to test probe:
without safety cap applied to test probe: CAT II 300 V
Pollution degree 2
Protection class II
Fuse SIBA ceramic fuse
6.3 mmx32 mm, F1 A/600 V switching capacity 50 kA at 600 V

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

Interference emission EN 61326-1:2006 class B Interference immunity EN 61326-1:2006

Mechanical Design

Display OLED, multicolored, graphic
Protection Housing: IP 43
per DIN VDE 0470 part 1/EN 60529
Dimensions approx. 260x70x40mm
Weight approx. 0.36 kg with batteries

Scope of delivery

1 Test instrument with mobile test probe
4 Batteries (AAA)
1 Pouch
1 Condensed operating instructions
1 CD ROM with operating instructions in available languages
1 Factory calibration certificate

Order Information

Description Type Article number
Loop Resistance Measuring Instrument METRALINE ZCHECK M507A
Broad-range charger for charging option- ally available batteries, e.g. Z507B, in- serted in the METRALINE ISO-RCD-Z CHECK
Input*: 100 to 240 V AC ±10%; Output: 9 V DC, 180 mA
Charger METRALINE CHECK Series Z507A
4 rechargeable batteries (AAA) for METRALINE ISO-RCD-Z/CHECK Akku-Set METRALINE
CHECK Series
* with plug adapter for the following countries: EU, UK, US, AU
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