Laversab ARTS 7000 Applicable Software

Laversab ARTS 7000 radio comprehensive tester available software free of charge, can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store, only IPAD, not mobile phones. THE BODY NUMBER OF EACH DEVICE, THIS NUMBER CAN BE USED AS THE WIFI LOGIN PASSWORD TO LOG IN TO THE LAISAB SOFTWARE ON THE IPAD USER. Practical and convenient, the operation is as easy as a mobile phone.

Welcome to the Avionics Radio Test System 7000 (ARTS 7000) App by Laversab

This App is the control interface for the Laversab ARTS 7000 test system. The ARTS 7000 is a multifunctional avionics radio frequency test system for use on all aircraft types including rotary wing. This App is used in conjunction with the ARTS 7000 test hardware and allows Technicians and Engineers to test and verify aircraft radio systems, including:
• Communications: VHF, UHF, HF, SelCal
• Navigation: ILS, VOR, DME
• Transponders: Mode S, ADS-B, ATCRBS
• Emergency Beacons: ELT all current versions
• GPS Simulator
• Tools: Various Test tools

Future capability developments will be incorporated into the ARTS 7000 app and test hardware. These may include Radio Altimeter, etc.
The ARTS 7000 provides user-selectable manual control, preset scenarios, and automatic test functions. Advanced features include integrated testing for simultaneous DME and VOR scenarios.
This App has been designed to be intuitive and simple to learn and operate. Aircraft testing can be completed efficiently, and all relevant results available for download. The operating manual and training documentation will be available within the App.


The ARTS 7000 App can be used in offline mode without the need for test hardware. This enables users to experience and learn the application quickly without the need for hardware or aircraft availability.
If you interested in a better approach to Avionics testing, we strongly recommend that you download the App and use it in offline mode. We are confident you will enjoy the experience and realize the benefits of the ARTS 7000 test system.

New interaction concept for tester/aircraft/technician.

Using a commercial tablet to control ARTS enables cost-effective testing. Menus are clear and intuitive, and hotkeys, preset programs, limit value definitions, and more are easy to operate.
Laversab ARTS 7000无线电综合测试仪平板电脑控制界面
Each test function has a dedicated page that allows operators full access to the test, parameter configuration, and display of results. All testing functions can be easily performed by one technician. If you know how to use a tablet, you can operate ARTS.
Laversab ARTS 7000无线电综合测试仪平板电脑控制界面
Unique feature: Control of the Laversab ADTS air data tester via ARTS 7000 for flight altitude check and Mode S synchronous output testing (FAR 91.413).
Laversab ARTS 7000无线电综合测试仪平板电脑控制界面
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