Drucker PM700E-1-20A-P6-H0-OP0 sensor for pressure indicator dpi705E

The PM700E is A 350Bar A plug and play external remote pressure sensor that complements the Druck DPI705E with an extended pressure range to provide a greater operating range. Integrated sensors can also be safely operated and protected. Suitable for use with DPI705E40 pressure range from +/ -25 mbar to 700bar, provides 1-year total uncertainty of 0.1%FS, temperature range from -10°C to +50°C. All units have their own calibration data, and the PM700E is available in gauge, absolute or differential pressure range models.
DPI705E Adapter Mounting: The Legris adapter mounted on the reference port can be removed using a 2.5mm hex wrench, leaving the G1/8 internal thread and the M5 internal thread.
DPI705E Adapter installation

Suitable for dpi705E

PM700E-1-20A-P6-H0-OP0 sensor is suitable for PI705E manometer. PI705E manometer provides accurate, reliable pressure and temperature monitoring in industrial and hazardous zone environments. Druck combines a rugged, durable design for one-handed use with new and improved features to ensure greater accuracy and reliable pressure or temperature monitoring during debugging, fault finding, and system testing, including leak testing. Absolute, gauge, or differential configurations have a wide pressure range of 25mbar to 1400bar with enhanced accuracy, providing up to 0.05% of 12-month full scale (FS) uncertainty in the temperature range -10°C to +50°C. The DPI705E series also features an integrated pressure sensor designed to connect directly to an external remote pressure or optional remote Plug and Play resistance temperature detector (RTD) sensor, providing greater flexibility when used in the field. Each pressure sensor has all-in-one calibration data, which means that a single DPI705E can be used with multiple remote sensors, allowing a variety of ranges to be measured in seconds. The sensor keeps a record of the calibration date and relays it to the operator via a "cause calibration" countdown on the pressure indicator display. The energy efficient design means the indicator can run on a single battery for eight hours a day, six days a week, for a year.

PI705E manometer

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