Laversab Model6270

Model 6270 Automated Pitot Static Tester (RVSM)
The Model 6270 is used to perform leak-checks and accuracy checks on the Pitot Static systems of RVSM aircraft. Accuracy checks are typically performed on altimeters, airspeed indicators and VSI's. The high accuracy of the Static output is fully compliant with RVSM requirements. The Model 6270 is equipped with a Remote unit which includes a keypad and a large sunlight-readable display. An internal battery (optional) makes the tester completely portable. The wide operating temperature (optional) makes it usable in any environment. The "Profiles" feature makes it very easy to use. Calibration is required only once a year. The 6270 is also WiFi-enabled, which enables wireless remote control using an iPad or other tablet. With these distinctive features, the Model 6270 is the ideal Pitot Static tester for RVSM-compliant aircraft.
Model 6270


Static Output
●Units:feet, meters, inHg, mbar, psi, mmHg, kpa
Pressure function
●range: 1 to 32 inHg
●resolution: 0.001 inHg
●accuracy: 0.003 inHg
Altitude function
●range: -2000 ft. to 60,000 ft.
●resolution: 1 foot
●accuracy: 3 ft. @ 0 ft.;4 ft. @ 10,000 ft.;6 ft. @ 20,000 ft.;9 ft. @ 35,000 ft.;18 ft. @ 50,000 ft. 
Climb function
●range: 0 ft/min to 15,000 ft/min
●resolution: 1 ft/min
●accuracy: 1% of rate of climb
Pitot Output
●Units:knots, Mach, kmph, mph, EPR. inHg. mbar, psi, mmHg, kpa (diff & absolute)
Pressure function
●range: 0 to 30 inHg (diff.)
●resolution: 0.001 inHg
●accuracy: 0.003 inHg 
Airspeed function
●range: 0 to 650 knots
●resolution: 0.1 knots
●accuracy: 1.0 knots @ 20 knots;0.3 knots @ 50 knots;0.2 knots @ 100 knots;0.1 knots @ 200 knots;0.04 knots @ 500 knots
●Airspeed rate: 0 to 500 knots/min 
Mach function
●range: 0.0 to 3.0 Mach
●resolution: 0.001 Mach
●accuracy: 0.001 above0.2 Mach 
EPR function
●range: 0.9 to 30.0
●resolution: 0.001
●accuracy: 0.002 typ.
●Fully automated, high-precision control
●Profiles – 15 profiles with 50 points each
●"Jog" – Change targets in steps of 1 foot or 1 knot using arrow keys
●Altitude offset correction
●Programmable Limits
●Protection against negative airspeed
●Self Test checks all internal functions
●"Go To Ground" feature
●Automatic ambient-pressure sensing
●Manual vent valves for emergency venting
●Independent or simultaneous leak-checking on Pitot and Static outputs
●Instant leak-rate display enhances leak-detection
●3 Leak-timers can be programmed for timed-leaks between 1 and 20 minutes.
●Aircraft instruments protected against large leaks
●Strong pumps have minimum 5000-hour life
●Calibration required only once a year
●5.8" ultra-bright sunlight-readable color display
●Keypad allows for easy and reliable data-entry
●Internal battery (optional) for 6 to 8 hours of operation
●Extended temperature (optional) for cold climates
●Encoder interface (optional)
●Pull-out handle and wheels for easy portability
Power requirement:90-260 VAC, 47-440 Hz ; 100 W (200W with heaters) Optional internal battery: 8-hour operation
Interfaces:WiFi, RS232 ; Encoder optional
Dimensions & weights
●Main unit: 22” x 14” x 9” / 34
●lbs Remote unit: 6” x 6” x 1” / 1.8 lb.
Environmental specs
●Operating temp: 0o to 50oC ; -40o to 50oC (optional)
●Storage temp.: -40o to 75oC
●Humidity: 5 to 100%
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